No one will believe you paid $1 for these Dollar Tree finds

If you’re a regular Dollar Tree shopper – or someone who just stops by occasionally – you know the store is filled with amazing ways to stretch a buck.  Read more: 12 money-s…

Source: No one will believe you paid $1 for these Dollar Tree finds


Getting Fit

I have a friend who is a personal trainer. As I’ve had some back issues and shoulder issues, she has suggested that I dedicate some time to getting more fit. Her specialty is to come to a client’s home and look around for spaces to use for fitness activities. I’ve got exercises to do on my stairs, exercises to do in the floor, and a few that require resistance. I already had a couple of pairs of dumbbells, so I’m using those, and she had me make one purchase: exercise bands.

I got a set from Amazon (pictured above) which are long enough to tie to make a circle for leg exercises, and I can do arm and back stretches with them, too. As I used to pay quite a bit to go to a gym, I’ve been really happy to have a program that works well and costs very little, beyond a few visits from my trainer.

She also wants me to do some cardio, so let me go ride my bike a while! Maybe I’ll think of a new plot twist for my current manuscript while I’m out there.